Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Creative Summer Fun

In these times it is imperative to maximize your dollar. Now that summer has started for your kids you dread hearing "I'M BORED!" While scouring the web (Google and Pinterest), I am determined to prove that fun can be at home and cost effective. With a little planning, a few $$ and tapping into your inner DIY you can too.


Map out your month, You can go with a theme or just have specific days for different events.

Here in Texas it is HOTTT! So of course I am thinking water


PVC pipe~ I know what you are thinking, but PVC pipe is fairly inexpensive and you can create a TON of fun water sprinklers


What You'll need:

  • PVC Pipe and corners
  • PVC cutter
  • Drill
  • Water hose Attachment
What to do:
  • Drill holes in various areas ad be careful to drill just one side
  • Construct your device
    •  this is where you get the kids involved to create the masterpiece.
  • Screw your waterhose
  • Turn on water


Here's the turotial for this pic

I will try this with my boys and hopefully post pics ;-)

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